Welcome to my page, my name is Isabel Acevedo and I am a Venezuelan advertising student at Miami International University of Art and Design. I moved to the Sunshine State, specifically the Magic City almost three years ago after I graduated from high school in order to scape from my country’s political, economic and safety issues in hopes to widen my opportunities as a professional and fulfill all my dreams and goals as an individual in this industry.

This blog is dedicated for those nature lovers that need a break from their every day life every once in a while, for those who are looking for an adventure without having to travel far from home, and for anyone who is up for spending a day out of the ordinary with friends and family under the Floridian sun. Here I will be sharing with you some of my favorite spots to visit in South Florida, specially in Miami. Hope you enjoy,come along on my adventures and share some of yours too.

Be sure to follow this SoFlo journey through my social media accounts found at the bottom of the page, have a rad day.