Even if you’re from the Sunshine State, there’s no way you’ve seen all of these places yet. Here in Florida, we know how to bring the weird. Each of these attractions located throughout the Sunshine State deserve a visit, at the very least so you can take an awesome picture to show your friends.

  1. The Sunken Christ:

    Only 25 feet off the coast of Key Largo, Florida lies a giant 9 ton sunken statue of Jesus Christ with outstretched arms.

    There’s a reason this statue might look familiar…there are also sunken statues made with the same mold in Italy and Grenada, all made of bronze and roughly 9 feet in height.

    FrinkChristStatue web

    Christ of the Abyss Statue, Key Largo, Florida Keys, model Cody Wagner and Katherine Wieland snorkeling around the Christ Statue.

  2. A Police Station With A Napoleon Complex

    Not much larger than a phone booth, Carrabelle is home to the world’s smallest police station. It once had a dial used for making calls. However this was removed after tourists used this line to make unauthorized long-distance calls home for free.w6g4tt5rwqnhefsk5ddh.jpg

  3. Solomon’s Castle in Ona

    Sprawling over 12,000 square feet, Solomon’s Castle in Ona is certainly an impressive sight to be seen.

    Built by Howard Solomon over many years, the entire exterior is covered with shiny aluminum plating. Just don’t visit during a lightning storm or you might be in for quite the shock.20160109SolomonsCastle-3-Edit-2.jpg

  4. Spook Hill in Lake Wales

    A trip to Spook Hill in Lake Wales is sure to have you leaving baffled. Visitors are instructed to park at a certain spot, take their car out of gear, and then wait while their car “magically” rolls uphill seemingly breaking every law of physics.9d7b1b40da8985863daead0850444893.jpg

  5. Coral Castle in Homestead, FL

    Coral Castle is another castle in Florida built by a single man. In this case, a lovelorn Latvian, Edward Leedskalnin, sourced every stone himself, and built his own complex complete with stone chairs, tables, throne, a tub, and his own home, where he lived and gave tours until he died. This is a definite must-see if you’re ever near the southern tip of Florida.AdobeStock_71201529.jpeg

  6. Goofy Golf in Panama City Beach

    This golf course is perfect for anyone who loves kitschy vintage fun. Goofy Golf’s creative owner built everything from giant monkeys to monsters and aliens, and they have remained mostly unchanged since their creation in 1959. It’s lots of fun for the whole family.

  7. Wolf’s Museum of Mystery in St. Augustine

    Slightly disturbing and extremely interesting, the Wolf’s Museum Of Mystery is a one of a kind gallery in St. Augustine sure to send chills down your spine. A private, relatively new museum of oddities, but unlike Ripley’s, everything from the stillborn elephant to a human brain encased in resin is for sale in this retail museum.wolfs-alien.jpg

  8. Smallest Post Office in the US in Ochopee

    This farm shed was turned into an emergency post office when the official one burned down in 1953, and the town just kept it that way. It’s not even big enough for a bathroom, but you can buy novelty postcards from the post office and have them sent for you at the same time.AdobeStock_1326541.jpeg

  9. Key West Cemetery

    This cemetery really brings humor to a dark subject. Visitors can spot several unique epitaphs such as “I Told You I Was Sick” and “Devoted Fan of Singer Julio Iglesias.”050.jpg

  10. Skunk Ape Research Headquarters in Ochopee

    This started as the office of Jack Shealy’s Trail Lakes campground, until his brother, Dave, took up the search for an elusive Florida version of Bigfoot called the Skunk Ape. Fun exhibits and a petting zoo make this a must-see even for the non-believers.

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